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Generations : The Legacy replaces Joe Mafela

Hardly 48 hours after South Africa woke up to hear the news of Joe Mafela’s passing on, the producers of the show have said the show must go on and quick to announce plans to replace Joe Mafela.

Sources at Morula pictures (Generations’ Production Company) have said they can not drop some scenes because of Joe’s death. Speaking exclusively to LiveMonitor the sources said “There are story lines which Joe was a vital part in and the management decided not to drop the story lines. The hard decision was made to replace him. We will be approaching a few hand picked candidates for the role. The show has to go on. No matter how hard”.

A second source also said the decision was an easy one which was reached within minutes. “They did not take time at all. They went in and out,” said the source.

Police are investigating a case of culpable homicide after actor Joe Mafela’s death on Saturday night.

The multi-talented artist died in a car accident on the M1 close to Marlborough.

“The Ford Figo that Mr Mafela was driving, collided with an Isuzu bakkie and when paramedics arrived on scene, Mr Mafela was then declared fatal, there was just two vehicles involved, the damages were not much to the vehicles, and Mr Mafela did not sustain any obvious injuries that you could see,” said Johannesburg Metro Police’s Edna Mamonyane.

His family is still reeling from his sudden death.

Source : LiveMonitor