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Huge reptile eats bonking couple

A couple who decided to have a feel of outdoor fun became lunch for a 5 meter hungry crocodile in the crocodile infested waters of St Lucia in Kwa Zulu Natal.

The tourist couple, believed to have come from France are said to have discarded park rules when they went to the Isimangaliso Wetlands park for some sight seeing. The couple are believed to have started making love right there at the water’s edge and got so busy in their encounter they did not see a crocodile approach from their back.

The gigantic reptile pounced on the unsuspecting couple and devoured them. Their panic cries for help were not heard as they were over 4 km away from the designated area. Three more crocodiles are believed to have joined the human goulash.

The following day, park authorities noticed that one car had not existed and a search and rescue was placed into effect. Their car was found parked near the river and it did not take long for search and rescue crew to locate the scene. Their clothes lay untouched, which indicated they were na_ked when attacked.

The crocodile was also found nearby with a belly full of meat.

The identities of the couple could not be released until their next of kin had been informed

Source : LiveMonitor