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Common mistakes couples make in bed

For some men, having s_ex one time is enough but if you’re the business of making it more consistent, as in having repeat se_x, then it’s important that you know things to avoid so the first time isn’t the last time especially with someone you like.

One of the biggest mistakes to avoid is calling him/her someone else’s name. TOTAL DEAL BREAKER!

So, without further ado, here are top 15 biggest mood-killers that you should seriously avoid if you want to get laid ever again.

19.1% –  If someone called you the wrong name

13.5% – If someone fa_rted loudly

12.4% – If someone fa_rted silently, but deadly

10.2% – If someone peed a little

7.0% – If someone asked to film you

6.9% – If someone burped

5.8% – If someone kissed, lic_ked or su_cked on your foot

3.9% – If your/someone else’s p_enis was bent the wrong way

3.9% – If someone only lasted a couple minutes

3.9% – If someone sneezed on you

3.7% – If someone bit you

3.4% – If someone kissed your armpit

3.0% – If someone introduced a food item to the bed

2.4% – If you were interrupted by someone walking in

1.1% – If someone broke a bed frame or couch

From the results, it’s calling someone else’s name in bed that takes the cake with 19.1% of the vote. It’s very evident what is happening when someone screams out another person’s name other than the person in the act together. It’s a definite deal breaker.

The second worse thing is farting loud during s_ex, It’s frowned upon in another other scenario, to bring it up during s_ex is even worse, it can be an instant turnoff. The sound or the amusement you think might follow will definitely cost you the cookie next time, do your best to avoid it.

Other disgusting acts in this are “peeing a little”, 10.2% it accrued, which is swiftly followed by if “someone asked to film you”, especially in this age of sex__tape leaks and stuff. It’s a turnoff for people

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