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Breaking News : Barack Obama to contest for presidency in Kenya

After the release this week of 11 documents concerning Barack Obama’s birth and early childhood in the country, Kenyan Supreme Court judge Mokoumbo Abwebwe has declared that “nothing could technically prevent Mr. Obama from running in the 2017 Kenyan elections”.
The papers have been requested by the international press for years, but the Kenyan Supreme Court, who had ordered all of his records to be sealed months before the 2008 US presidential elections, finally just ordered authorities to release the documents based on a new law on “access to information.”

The papers indicate that former President Barrack Hussein Obama was actually born in Lamu, Kenya, more than a year before his father allegedly moved to Hawaii and met his mother.

“This information contradicts all the documents presented by the administration over the past few years,” he added.

n 2008, the Kenya Supreme Court had stated that it had sealed all birth records concerning Obama at the time “as to not interfere in another country’s election process”, a decision which was overruled by authorities last week by the new access to information law recently passed this year.

“Now that Mr. Obama is no longer president and that this information will no longer interfere with the democratic process of the US elections, and in accordance with the new access to information law, there is no more reason that the former presidential candidate’s birth certificate be under seal and all instructions to the effect that the state’s Department of Health is to make sure no one in the press obtains access to the original document under any circumstances, has been officially lifted” said Kenyan Supreme Court judge, Mokoumbo Abwebwe, in his statement.

According to Chicago-based investigative journalist James Hunter, recent evidence shows the British Protectorate of East Africa recorded Obama’s birth records before 1963 and sent returns of those events to Britain’s Public Records Office and the Kew branch of British National Archives.

“If the Kenyan documents corroborate the Britain’s Public Records Office documents, they could prove that Obama had no legal right to become the American president in the first place. It also means that the American papers we’ve seen are all forged documents,” he explains.

A 2011 independent study on the matter of Barrack Obama’s birth certificate authenticity by an international panel of judges through the Democratic Investigative Group Project had concluded the only law enforcement analysis of the image of Obama’s alleged “Certificate of Live Birth” posted to a government website in April, 2011 was “the product of criminal fraud and document forgery”.

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