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Ayanda Ncwane ‘Celebrates’ Valentine’s Day In Memory Of Sfiso

As the saying goes, our loved ones are never truly gone, they’re always in our hearts.  Brave Ayanda Ncwane and her family are proof of that. You can still celebrate Valentine’s Day even when your beloved is no longer physically around to do so with you.

Touched by the spirit of Valentine’s, Mawenza Ncwane, the son of the late gospel star Sfiso Ncwane, took to the Instagram to jot down an emotional message about his parents:

“Happy Valentines day my beautiful parents❤ I wonder if and I will ever able to put this kind of smile in mom’s face even now he looks at dad with so much love we are hear MOMMY”
The image shows the widowed Ayanda gazing lovingly at the image of her dearly departed husband on his grave. Proof indeed that love survives death until eternity.