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Bonking couple killed and eaten by a lion

March 13, 2017 Karen van Vreden 0

A randy couple was killed by a lion while having s_ex in the bushes over the weekend. The two lovers decided to park their car whilst driving in the Kruger National Park and got out […]

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ZCC faithful commits suicide after her s_ex tape with a blesser leak

March 12, 2017 Karen van Vreden 0

A 31 year old promiscuous woman and well known member of the ZCC church Durban branch recently ended her own life in a tragic way by drinking rat poison in broad day light. This following the […]

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Secondary school kid allows seven boys to bonk her

March 9, 2017 Karen van Vreden 0

A school in the Eastern Cape is under investigation after a  tape allegedly showed a visibly drunk student engaging in unprotected s_ex with a seven boys in class. The incident,which has riled up the community, happened […]

Funeral Parlor emloyee cremated by mistake while sleeping

March 8, 2017 Karen van Vreden 0

An employee of the Ubuntu Funeral Parlor died this morning, after being accidentally cremated by one of his coworkers. According to the Mabopane Police Department, 48-year old Pitso Nyaope decided to take a nap on a […]

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Couple caught having s_ex inside pizza shop

March 7, 2017 Karen van Vreden 0

A randy couple caught on closed-circuit TV having se_x in a Domino’s Pizza takeaway outlet have revealed why they got raunchy in such a public place. Daniella Hirst, 28, and Craig Smith, 31, admitted they […]

Nurse fired to revealing Ms Zuma’s bu_tt implant photos

March 6, 2017 Karen van Vreden 0

A Johannesburg nurse has lost her job after revealing on Facebook that one of President Jacob Zuma’s wives had recently been admitted to the hospital where she worked for plastic surgery‚ the Sowetan newspaper reported […]

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Guys, FOUR places you should NEVER touch her during s_ex

March 3, 2017 Karen van Vreden 0

Great s_ex is all about spontaneity and exploration—assuming, of course, you have her consent—but there are a few parts of her body you shouldn’t touch willy-nilly. Here are four such spots you’re better off avoiding. […]

PICS : Couple discover they are giving birth to SATAN

March 3, 2017 Karen van Vreden 0

A married couple have been shocked to see their unborn baby flashing the rock ‘n’ roll devil horn sign in an ultrasound. Jared and Makelle Ahlin received their 22-week ultrasound and couldn’t help but share […]

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Beauty treatment gone wrong

March 2, 2017 Karen van Vreden 0

SHE wanted to look as beautiful as her sister – but things went wrong when she tried her sister’s cream. The beauty cream made her face swell up so badly she couldn’t even kiss her […]

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