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For richer for poorer : See what this lady wore on her wedding day

Photos making round on the internet have shown a bride wearing a really unbelievable piece of clothing on her wedding day.

These photos have gone round social media leaving many people asking questions.

The photos show a young lady on what is supposedly her wedding day.

She is seen clad in a sack and what looks like a mosquito net while another woman who is thought to be the bridesmaid, walks beind her holding it up.

Social media users have asked why on earth she would want to dress like that on her wedding day.

Although the authenticity or even the venue of the event is not verified yet, popular opinion holds that the event is a wedding in a village in neighboring Zimbabwe.

It is believed that the woman had decided to go on with her marriage even without enough funding, hence the weird choice of a wedding gown.

See another photo below:

wedding 2

wedding 1





  • The Butcher

    Only South Africans are crazy enough to do this kind of stuff lol

  • Michael Matanga

    This is clearly not Zimbabwe. The reed hut in the background of the last photo and the colourful dresses and head bands are definately not Zimbabwean.

  • np mari

    Definitely not zimbo not with that reed hut showing in the background its not akin to zimbabwe,check your before you make assumptions