How to catch a cheating partner

April 14, 2017 Karen van Vreden 0

Unfaithful people will go to great lengths to hide their naughty affair, but now cheaters have opened up and shared the biggest lies they tell their lovers. In order to avoid arousing suspicion when sneaking […]

Things ALL women have in common

March 21, 2017 Karen van Vreden 0

According to a study that involved over 50,000 participants that consists of all se_xual orientations, here some of the shocking facts you’d like to know. The topic about org_asm will forever be relevant, while some […]

Common mistakes couples make

February 9, 2017 Karen van Vreden 0

Depending on how s_ex happens, and also who it happens with, we can be very excited and not calm about things. Because of these enormous pressure to perform, we can mess things up unintentionally too. […]

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