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6 Ways To Avoid Being A Victim Of A Se_x Tape

Below are six ways to ensure you never go through the disgraceful ordeal of starring in a se_x tape without your consent.

Mandatory Scan

Don’t take any chances. When you enter the venue, side line your thirst and focus. Keep your eyes peeled. Scan that room like your life depends on it. Does he have a laptop? Spot it and close it. A desktop? Don’t shut it down oo – unplug the damn thing. His phone? Make sure you know where it is. Look, even if it is yam – a NOKIA 3310 without camera capabilities – just make sure you know where it is. Better still, make sure you know it’s off. It’s se_x time, not a communication studies class. Stay woke.

No underestimation

This is the 21 century – guys are ambitious. They are stretching the boundaries of technology. CCTV cameras are no longer exclusive to shops and corporate institutions – young guys are getting in on the action, spending money just to acquire them for their own lascivious intentions.

And so yes, this seems like a longshot, but don’t be complacent; don’t think CCTV cameras are too expensive or too much of a hustle – look out for them! Also, make sure he isn’t wearing a shirt (where he can hide a button camera) or a watch (heard of phone watches?). You’ve got to go full CIA and FBI – no BNI. Some guys also hide cameras within certain innocuous objects too. My sister, why does he have a teddy bear facing the bed? Look at is with suspicion and address it.

Close all access

Make sure all the windows of the arena are closed. This is a two-party event and you should do well to keep out any spectators. Make sure the door is firmly shut and locked too – you don’t want any third party surreptitiously walking in to cover the event without accreditation.

Opt for darkness

Why do you need lights for se_x anyway? Are you in it for the feelings or for the visuals? Let’s be serious here, please. You don’t need to see it to feel it. You are already too close, what at all are you searching for in the room or on his body? Keep the lights out so you don’t get caught out by his secret eyes.

Don’t close your eyes

This is very necessary. No matter how intense the feelings are, please don’t get carried away and close your eyes while gliding on the clouds of dreamland. Have them wide open – look at him, into his eyes. Make sure he isn’t acting funny or furtive. Make sure he isn’t occasionally looking sideways or any other place apart from you. He might just be checking to see if his camera is still rolling, or better still, winking into the camera to reassure his fans that he’s killing it.

Wear a mask

Ridiculous? Hw3, dey there. Se_x is battle and you need to get your ninja groove on. If you miss the hidden electronic eyes, at least you can escape being identified when the tape goes live and viral. Think about it, you might inspire people with all your moves, yet they wouldn’t know who you are. Low-key stardom, zero disgrace. Talk about eating your cake and having it.