Tumi Morake breaks silence on ra_pe ordeal

Following a highly-publicised silent ra_pe protest during President Jacob Zuma’s speech earlier this month, comedian Tumi Morake recently recounted her own ra_pe ordeal, saying it was how she broke her virg_inity.
Comedian and former host of Our Perfect Wedding Tumi Morake has spoken out for the first time about being a victim of ra_pe. She spoke of her ordeal in an interview with the Citizen.

The incident, which happened when Morake was a young girl, affected her for a year and a half, but she made a decision not to be apologetic about who she is, she told the paper.

“I have an ere_ction every time I walk on stage, a big throbbing er_ection, because this was the one thing that could have ended me,” she said. “Instead, it gave me the strength to work harder.”
Morake said she’d decided to speak out about the ra_pe after the silent protest by a group of young women during President Jacob Zuma’s speech earlier this month at the announcement of the local elections results.
The four women made references to Zuma’s ra_pe accuser, Kwezi, after which #RememberKwezi gained momentum on social media. Many women around South Africa shared on social media their stories of being ra_ped, and men played their part by supporting victims of rape.

“I was ra_ped when I was six years old by a man who was the same age as my dad, Morake shared. “I was repeatedly rap_ed by two men I trusted. I thought I was safe around them.”

Morake isn’t the first celebrity to come forward about sexual abuse. Former Muvhango actress Rami Chuene revealed in 2015 that she’d been ra_ped when she was a child by men who were family friends.

“It’s important to let go and move on with your life,” Chuene told City Press in 2015. “But more than anything, I wrote this book for my daughters,” she said, referring to her book which recounts the se_xual abuse.
Chuene encouraged rape survivors to speak out and raise awareness.

“People need to tell their stories for the sake of their children,” she added.

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