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5 Celebrities Who Wear Way Too Much Make Up

When you’re a celebrity, your face has to be on fleek for every red-carpet occasion

And that usually means a full face of make-up – false eyelashes, contouring, plumped-up pout – the works!

But what we love more than recreating their fancy make-up tips and tricks, is actually seeing these leading ladies take a break from the face paint to go au naturel!

We absolutely love celebrity make-up-free selfies or just spotting our favourite A-listers take a day off from their glam personas and look like regular folk.

Bonang may be the face of Revlon, but like some of the following stars, she is never EVER spotted without make-up on – as least not on social media!

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Khanyi Mbau




Sophie Ndaba



Blue Mbombo

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