Teen commits suicide after sex tape leak

A hopeful lawyer, Nokuphiwa Ntaba,  who was looking forward to study Law at UKZN this will not be realising her dream after she committed suicide on the 7th of January. The bubbly 19 year old’s suicide has left her widowed mother inconsolable. According to some of her peers, the young girl committed suicide after a video recording of herself and ex boyfriend got leaked online.

Noku, as her friends called her, is said to have hooked up with her ex boyfriend, Vusi on the said day and had some drinks together. One thing led to another and the two went to Vusi’s place. Little did Noku know that Vusi has hidden cameras in his bedroom which he used to record the action.

The following day Noku is said to have contacted Vusi to tell him that the previous day was a mistake and did not mean they would get back together. Vusi did not take this lightly and started blackmailing Noku with the tape.

On the day of her suicide, friends and family say Noku was not her usual bubbly self and spent the day locked up in her room. Her worried mother went to check up on her and found her hanging from the roof.  A note detailing why she chose to take her own life was found on the bed. In the note, she gave details of her engagement with Vusi and how the se_x tape woluld ruin her and the family.

Noku will be burried in Empangeni over the weekend.

Source : Livemonitor