Weekend wife swapping backfires as man gets busted bonking neighbour’s wife outside of ‘contract’,video of Fracas leaks on Social media

Marriage is a hard union,people always dread the thought of having to sleep with the same person for the rest of their lives.

For those who are carefree and willing to try new things,they can always join sw_inging clubs whereby married couples attend and agree to swap partners.

This is not regarded as cheating and usually works in alleviating the boredom associated with marriage.

Two Mpumalanga couples decided to spice up their marriages by forming a sw_ing club and exchanging partners for a weekend.

This worked wonders as all the parties got a chance to ‘sample’ different organs.

However things took a sour twist after two parties continued with the affair and got caught.All hell broke loose as seen in the video below that has leaked on social media after the angry woman walked in on her husband servicing their neighbour.

A friend close to the incident revealed the fracas to Live Monitor.

“Mary Tshabalala caught her husband Dumiso in bed with her married neighbour Natasha,This did not go well with her.Prior to the incident Mary had made love to Natasha’s husband and they had agreed it was only for the weekend.”

“Dumiso and Natasha seemed to have struck the right chord together and decided to carry on the se_xcapades until today when they got busted.”

The incident created quite a buzz with the community gathering around to take pictures with elders expressing disgust at the rot in today’s society.

Source-Live Monitor