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Steve Hofmeyr s_ex tape with black maid leaks

Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr has found himself in yet more controversy after a s_ex tape alleged showing him and a black woman leaked online. The controversial singer, known for his “racially provocative statements”, has been labelled a racist over the years and has not hidden his ‘dislike’ for black people.

The 3 minute clip, which is believed to have been recorded in  Steve Hofmeyr’s bedroom shows the right wing Afrikaner and supporter of the late Eugène Terre’Blanche, walking into his bedroom whilst holding the woman’s hand. The two then engage in brief foreplay before Steve roughs her up and throws her on the bed. He then proceeds to have s_ex with the visibly willing lady without any protection.

The video, which is in LiveMonitor’s possession, was recorded through a hidden camera which was placed on a table in the room and sources say the maid trapped the singer to later blackmail him. This has not been proven. It is also to be noted that the maid was fired when the video leaked and LiveMonitor crew could not trace her because it is believed she was Zimbabwean and might have went back to Zimbabwe.

Late last year, Steve announced that he was expecting his sixth child with his wife and the baby is due in July 2017. With the tape emerging, it is not clear how his official wife, Janine, will respond.

Steve’s phone went straight to voicemail where he mentions he is on holiday until the 15th of January.

Source : LiveMonitor