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South Africa criminalises s_ex before marriage

The new Minister of Police in South Africa, Fikile Mbalula has made his footprint felt after announcing that anyone caught having s_ex out of wedlock will be arrested effective immediately and the offence carries up to 2 years in prison.

The new bill also sees losing vi_rginity out of marriage illegal and carries a R5000 fine. Speaking at the launch of the event, the minister said it’s high time South Africa became moral again. “When we grew up, we did not know about s_ex before marriage. Now it’s rare to find a woman who is not a v_irgin”, said Mbalula.

The news was met with resistance from women lobby groups who felt the move was biased towards women. “The minister should also arrest men. Why only focus on women?. We are taking this to the supreme court”, one Woman Rights Activist said.

But Fikile Mbalula was adamant the practice was normal. “In out culture, a man asks a woman and she is the one who agrees. We can not persecute men for asking”.

The EFF and DA are believed to have called an emergency meeting to veto the bill and stop it from getting approved.

Source : LiveMonitor