Social media wedding takes a turn for the worst,bride gets extremely drunk ends up bonking best man

A wedding has collapsed after less than month following events that transpired on the wedding night.

Photos of the After Party leaked on Social media and many were left wondering if any good would come out of the event

In the pictures The bride and groom went into a drinking spree resulting in the latter getting knocked out and falling asleep on the floor.

The woman Anele Xaba was left downing more of the wise waters with her husband’s friends.

According to a mole who spoke to Livemonitor, Anele and the best man were the two left standing whilst everyone else had fallen asleep.

One thing led to another and they ended up having se_x,then immediately fell asleep after.

Mzhokwe woke up only to discover the shock of his life after seeing his wife of less than a day na_ked and his best man laying by her side.

This did not go down well with him resulting in a fist fight and Ntuli walking out of the hotel.

He has since filed divorce papers.

Efforts to get in touch with Mzhokwe or Xaba were fruitless at the time of publication.

Source-Live Monitor