School kids in opening day sex orgy

Schools in South Africa have opened today for the 2017 academic year and one Gauteng high school in particular has been in the news for the wrong reason after a matric class participated in a s_ex orgy as a form of initiation into the new year.

The class, which has 18 learners in total, comprises of 10 boys and 8 girls. Some eye witnesses say the students were having loud s_ex and did not care who was watching form the windows. The hor_ny school kids said they were keeping up with the tradition that was set by their seniors and passed on from 2013.

One student from another class said the class, which is popularly known as Grade 12 Manyoba, is well-known for being the worst class in the region and only the naughty students are sent to it.

When teachers heard the commotion, they tried to enter the classroom only to find out that the door lock had been changed. They could only watch and wait for the students to finish.

The principal at the school said they had written to the local government of education to intervene but nothing had been done. One participant told LiveMonitor : “We do this every year, it is a tradition and we will make sure we keep it up. These sessions happen on the first day of school and on the last day”

Source : LiveMonitor