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UPDATE : Video Emerges showing Sangoma stuck in man’s wife

THE woman knew her husband had locked her and no one else could p-oke her. Then she started seeing a sangoma who was confident his ancestors would never let him get stuck in her pu_nani. BUT WHEN SHE WENT TO THE MAN’S HOUSE FOR STEAMY SE_X ON WEDNESDAY NIGHT, HE WAS PROVED WRONG AND THE TWO ENDED UP HUMILIATED!

News soon spread that the sangoma was stuck to his lover in his shack in Honeydew, Joburg, and by the time they managed to find help in the early hours of yesterday morning, a crowd had gathered outside. In an embarrassing scene, the two were taken from the shack in a wheelbarrow as residents watched. They were wheeled to a  local clinic.

When the woman’s husband heard what had happened, he told the police and the relatives of the sangoma he wanted R70 000 to unlock the couple. The husband, who works as a security guard, was on night shift when his wife saw an opportunity to cheat on him.

A witness, Nolwazi Sonje (29), said the couple became stuck to each other at about 9pm on Wednesday. “The husband had gone to work when the woman decided to cheat on him. Neighbours said the two tried to separate themselves for hours but nothing worked. They started screaming for help in the early hours of yesterday morning. After a while, neighbours realised there was trouble in the shack.”

Residents said when the couple first started screaming they thought it was in s_exual pleasure but after a while they realised something was wrong. Lindiwe Fihlane (34) said seeing naked people stuck together was scary and shameful.

“They looked tired of everything. They tried everything to separate without people knowing but they couldn’t. It was sad to see them.” Lindiwe said the incident should serve as a lesson to everyone who cheats.  “Although it was bad, at least people can learn from this.”

Steven Jonas said it was embarrassing to see the couple. “People surrounded the clinic in extension 3 to stare but the police kept on chasing them away.” Sangoma Mafunda Ndlovu told the family of the stuck couple that only the man who had locked his wife would be able to unlock and free them.

The sangoma said if the husband didn’t free the cheating couple, they would both end up dying.

Source : DailySun