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Brazen thieves caught on CCTV

CCTV footage shows four brazen burglars breaking into a Sandton home, in Johannesburg.

The video shows how these criminals easily gained access to a property.

In the footage, a white BMW pulls up to the driveway of the residence, and one of the suspects approaches the pedestrian gate of the property with a pick-axe in his hand. He then appears to pop the lock off the gate and opens it,Sandton Chronicle reported.

He opens the gate motor, which was not fitted with an anti-theft bracket, and opened the gate. It took them less than a minute to gain entry.

The video shows the remaining two suspects leaving the vehicle, with one of them wielding a sledgehammer. The driver then reverses the car back into the property and waits for the other three to return.

The homeowner, who wishes to remain anonymous out of fear for her safety, said: “The whole house was locked with burglar bars, except a pivot door, which they used to gain entry.”

She said they attacked the gardener, asking him to open the house.

“After that, they forced open the pivot door with a sledgehammer. My son, who was home at the time, had locked himself in the house when he saw them opening the pedestrian gate.”

The suspects took a desktop PC, and the son and the gardener’s cellphones.

“They ran off when my son managed to press the panic button to alert the security.”

Source : Citizen