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Racist video footage angers South Africans

Two mlungus with short pants and veld hats are seen pushing a young person, probably a man, into a coffin, and he is threatened with a snake and death by fire. “Can you speak?” asks the one man, holding the lid of the coffin. The man in the video, described on social media as a farmer, never appears to be apologetic. The mlungu wears a khaki-coloured hat, shirt, shorts and boots, the unofficial uniform of white farmers.

Both men scream in Afrikaans and they seem to be enjoying themselves. The terrified man in the coffin, wearing a shirt with the black football strip of Orlando Pirates, does not respond. “F***ing hell,” says one male voice off camera. “We want to pour the petrol. Get in!” says the first man, forcing the lid onto the head of the man in the coffin.“Bring the snake as well,” says the man off camera as the first man tries to force the lid down.

That is when the silent man in the coffin screams. It is like the scream of a trapped animal: a piercing, wailing scream of terror. The video has gone viral on social media, opening fresh debate about racial attacks.

Where the video was made is uncertain, but it could be KZN or Mpumalanga.

Many people on social media have slammed the cruel act of racism and inhumanity.

While the majority of comments on social media have widely condemned the brutality as typical of the lingering racism that is part of South Africa’s uneasy transformation, others are speculating that the film’s victim is somehow being justifiably punished for being a threat. The question, “can you speak?” seems to indicate that it could be some kind of brutal interrogation.


Some of the comment from social media:
Sbusiso Lele Zulu – “Until we treat a crime as a bad thing regardless of the colour of skin these things won’t stop.”
Leo Manho – “When I see things like this vidio I’m getting furious & ask myself am I going to taste what my parents tasted under the hands of white people even though I’m living in a democratic country.”
Ishy Mokomane – “ Do we still have such boere in our community?”
Elmarie Nortje – “I hope this is just a joke. Can anyone be that cruel, that poor man!”

Source : DailySun