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Two white men beating up black police man caught on camera

ALL hell broke loose for the off-duty cop on Saturday when what started as a road rage incident turned into what he claims was a racial attack !

The cop claimed he parked his car at a restaurant at Vaal Mall and two white men started attacking him.

Speaking from his Sebokeng home, he said: “They complained about my driving. I said they had parked their car in the wrong lane and I’d just driven around them without complaining. Then they got angry, forced open my door and dragged me out of the car.”
The Gauteng flying squad cop said the men chased him and moered him until he ran into the restaurant.

“They kept punching, pushing and kicking until customers and workers came to my defence,” he said.

In video footage seen by the SunTeam, a man walks up to the cop’s car in the parking lot and opens his car door.Words are exchanged and they start fighting.

It then shows the cop running into the restaurant followed by two men, who start beating him. When customers and workers intervene, the men back off.

The cop said his Vanderbijlpark colleagues weren’t very helpful. “People supporting my attackers interfered. The case was only opened after flying squad colleagues got involved.”

Sergeant Gertrude Makhale said two cases of assault were opened at Vanderbijlpark Police Station.

“Two suspects were bust and charged on Wednesday. They appeared in court yesterday,” she said.

Source : DailySun