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This Is What The Punani Tastes Like

Most people who are interested to know what the vag_ina tastes like are those want to go down on a woman, and want to be prepared, or those who already did it and want to know if what they tasted is normal.

Unfortunately, there’s no singular answer. That’s because the va_gina, like any other body part, is subject to its own chemical makeup. The skin itself will taste like the rest of your skin on her body, if clean, but the fluids are another story.

Taste will usually vary depending on diet and lifestyle.

Live Monitor gathered reactions from people about the taste of the vag_ina.

“By contrast, healthy pus_sy tastes like unsweetened yogurt.”

“She is what she eats when you eat hers. So, if her diet is heavy on fruits and veggies and stuff like that (no asparagus, please), she tastes sweet. If she has a meat driven garlic pizza with pepperoni and fish cakes type of diet? One serving is enough”

“Not bad. Not bad at all. I enjoy a mouth full of lab_ia, to be honest. Where’s the beef?”

“It was really weird to describe, but it smelled and tasted like a combination of old French fries, old hamburger meat, that McDonald’s smell and sadness all at once.”

“I mean, I wouldn’t use vag_inal discharge as a topping on my sundae, but I don’t think it’s a horrible taste. I’ve grown accustomed to just accept the taste, but I noticed it was the best way to get off girls (most of the ones I’ve hooked up with at least).”

“It’s sort of like when you kiss flesh to a degree. Kissing neck, body, etc. and it’s a tad salty, yes, but not at all like table salt. It will drastically change from woman to woman. Hygiene will be a factor too”

“But on the whole, I’d say I genuinely enjoy the taste of a woman. Such a unique taste, and everybody is different—it’s like their se_x fingerprint. It’s not like I want va_gina-flavored something, but the flavor of vagi_na is generally pleasant to me.”

“I can say that some pus_sies taste better than others. In addition to that, I do love the act of giving a girl head, but I only love it when her pus_sy tastes divine. I don’t really ask the girls how they get their juices to taste so delicious because I think that’d be a weird conversation, but I suspect it’s along the lines of when you smell a person and there’s certain smells that are just more arousing than others.”

“To me, the best tasting vag is one that doesn’t have much of a smell or taste, which I find to be a pretty rare phenomena. A girl that I went down on recently had probably one of the nicest vaginas ever in that regard. It makes it a much more enjoyable experience.”

Now that you have heard from a few different men, it is now up to you to decide whether or not to visit the uncharted territory.