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A Video Of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Going To Heaven Goes Viral On Social Media

A 1 minute 47 seconds long video of Malawian born and South African based man of the cloth prophet Shephered Bushiri has since gone viral on social media.

According to reports,one of the ECG members recorded the video last Sunday during the service after the clergyman informed his congregation that he would be going to heaven to ask God to compile him the dates of death of each and every ECG member.

”You always have to be prepared about your life,almost every one of us don’t even know when God is going to take them,provided each person pays R15 000 I can do them a favour and go to heaven and ask God the dates he wish to take them so that they fix their life before judgement day”,said Prophet Bushiri in the video.

There was chaos in the church for a moment after some other shocked and curious church members with ‘fat pockets’ were rushing to their cars parked outside to pick up the stashed R15 000 in R200 notes from their car boots as they handed to the man of the cloth.

According to reports,the clergyman later sneaked through the backdoor of the church with over a R750 000 that he had collected from his church members and later informed them that when he arrived in heaven God was in a meeting with angels and he could not attend him.

There were mixed reactions when the flamboyant prophet later announced that he could not refund the victims since the transaction of refund is not mentioned in the bible.Efforts to get a comment from Kelvin Sulugwe,prophet Bushiri’s spokes person were fruitless as his phone rang unanswered.

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