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Polokwane couple burns themselves after losing money to MMM

A quest for financial freedom, landed a Polokwane couple in trouble after their money mysteriously disappeared on the MMM Ponzi pyramid structure.

The deceased Thabiso Malunga and wife Jessy Ntuli are alleged to have been owing their neighbor and church mate R50 000 which they reinvested in the pyramid structure to earn a proposed 30% interest per month.

According to a source close to the couple, the two borrowed money anticipating to reap the rewards of the pyramid structure and repay their borrowed money amounting to R50k.

“They borrowed money from their church mate (name withheld) and invested it in MMM to get 30% per month, in June they got around R15 000 as interest in which they re- invested, I am not sure what really happened but the wife (deceased) told me a few days ago that someone withdrew all their money and even closed their account.

“I am not sure what they were told by their church mate who is known as Mother but they looked stressed when they come back from Thursday church service. We were awaken by loud screams full of agony, but it was too late they had already kicked the bucket.

An MMM user reveals that once an account has been hacked, you won’t recover your money.

“We are encouraged to keep our accounts safe by placing strong password combination; the problem is there is no central office to place complaints. If their guider failed to solve the problem, so the money was gone forever.

The deceased are survived by three children including a 6-month old infant.

No official statement was released by the police as of yet.

Source : iMzansi Live






  • Eusebia Madziwa

    The way MMM works there was no way someone would get into someone’s personal office and GH and close the account without the MMM web administrators being able to trace the computer address that did it and the e-bank administrators tracing where the money went.

    • Big John

      Investment went wrong, I am starting my pyramid

      • Muzvomora kwayedza

        Let me know bra Joe I’ll be the financial director kkk.

  • 777Concerned777

    Auhwa!! Wena, The administrators must be investigated and the Pyramid scheme stopped. It Pyramid Schemes are illegal, unless you know someone high up in government or the Guptas……