PICS:Joburg man’s Galaxy Note 7 EXPLODES and TORCHES his BMW! – LiveMonitor

PICS:Joburg man’s Galaxy Note 7 EXPLODES and TORCHES his BMW!

A Joburg man is devastated after his brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploded and torched his BMW on Witkoppen Road.

Both the smart phone and car were burnt to a crisp according to the owner identified as one Julius Kabelo.

Electronics giant, Samsung have issued a worldwide recall for their latest flagship Note series, the Note 7, saying issues with the battery can cause it to explode or catch fire.

While the fire team could not say whether the phone was the cause of the fire, Kabelo told LiveMonitor that the blaze started around the charging phone.

The visibly distraught father-of-one said he had not been informed of the recalls on the flagship phone

Posting pictures of the blaze on Facebook, he said:
‘I was cruising on Witkoppen, when I heard something burst. I immediately hit the brakes and parked by the roadside and got out of the car to check if it was the car tyre or something. I checked right round the car and found nothing amiss. As I got back into the car, I noticed flames coming from the area where the phone and charger were. I tried to douse the flames with my fire extinguisher but I could not put out the fire, This is the sad end result. Fortunately my insurance says they will cover me.