Muvhango’s Susan(Maumela Mahuwa) Opens Up About Being Called Ugly

If you were to go through actress Muvhango Actress Maumela Mahuwa’s Instagram account, you’d learn how confident she is in her own skin and who she is. Now the actress is admitting that it hasn’t always been that way and it took many years to gain that self-confidence and self-love.

Maumela is now one of the longest lasting members of the cast on the much-loved soapie Muvhango, as well as a musician and a sought after pastor.

As she rocked up for the interview with Drum Magazine, we immediately noticed that Maumela looked fabulous and much slimmer.

“Deciding to lose weight was a dare to myself,” she told the reporters. “I met this couple, Pastor Franka and Alisha Orjie, who told me to lose weight.”

That might sound a bit harsh to some but Maumela feels it’s a good thing to surround yourself with people who are honest with you.

In the interview the actress admits that it didn’t feel nice to be called ugly. “When I agreed with them that I was ugly, I stopped loving myself… When you are told you are too dark, short, your nose is flat and your lips are too big, you start to believe you are really ugly. I saw nothing beautiful in me,” she told the publication.

All the rejections in my life confirmed that something was wrong with me and I settled in my self-pity.

However her outlook on life changed when she got to know Muvhango producer Duma kaNdlovu , who became her hero and father figure. “He told me once that I am such a beautiful African child,” she recalls. “I did not change immediately but it was enough to wipe away all the negative thoughts in my mind.”

In fact it took her 12 years to work through her self esteem issues.

“I had no confidence in myself, I had none installed. I still have the same nose, mouth and face-I have seen in the mirror all my life. But now, the same things are accepted and they belong there. this dark skin is my heritage, she proudly stated.

Maumela is single, though she plans to get married one day! ” I am not in a relationship at the moment, but I want to get married one day,” she says.

And what about children? “yes, I want many kids,” she enthused. I want a full house, more like crazy full, with small and big people.

Although she would like to tie the knot sometime, she has an important message for other women. ” Become your own woman before you are someone’s wife or mother.”

Maumela who is gearing for the release of her album in October, has plenty of experience to share.

I have lived a colorful and beautiful life. It has been a great journey and being me is wonderful. I thank God for that,” she concludes.

Source:With Information from Drum Magazine