The Entertainment Industry is EVIL: Muvhango’s Nthabeleng(Mona Monyane) REVEALS! – LiveMonitor

The Entertainment Industry is EVIL: Muvhango’s Nthabeleng(Mona Monyane) REVEALS!

So you want to be a famous‚ huh? Well then you might want to sit down and pay attention to what actress Mona Monyane has to say.

The Muvhango star has been in the local entertainment industry for some time now and has learnt a few “truths” she wants us all to know.

Taking to Twitter on Sunday‚ Mona launched a scathing attack on the industry and how it treats actors‚ saying that financially it would have been better for her to have chosen a career in psychology.

  • The lack of security in the acting industry doesn’t make being an actress fun. You get written about, disrespected and still don’t get paid
  • Many actors at retirement age are still having to go to auditions etc because there is no retirement fund in this industry
  • No medical aid, no maternity leave pay, no warning as to when work may just dry up for you. You are literally on your own

Mona‚ who recently gave birth‚ admitted that it is a risk to start a family when employed as an actor because “getting back (into the industry) may be very hard“.

She went on to explain that because people see you on TV they immediately assume that you have money‚ when in fact many “celebrities” are underpaid.

Her comments were shared by a number of popular and respected SA actors‚ including Kgomotso Christopher‚ Florence Masebe‚ Rami Chuene and Lesley Musina.

“The point is‚ if the industry was regulated‚ minimum wage‚ retirement funds etc would be non matters. Being an actor in SA is one of the worst career choices in the entertainment industry‚” Lesley wrote in response to the tweets.