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Missionary caught bonking donkey in Limpopo

An American missionary who is currently in Limpopo preaching the good word shocked residents of a quiet Limpopo town when he was seen bonking a donkey in broad daylight.

Mark Lee Williams, arrived at the town in January of this year and has been working with a local church ever since. On this day, it is said Mark crept up on a donkey as it relaxed and shoved his dong in its honey pot. The donkey did not budge and seemed to be enjoying the ‘intruder’. This prompted Mark to increase vigor. His good time was however cut short by a passerby who was on his was to see Mark for prayers.

An embarrassed Mark was yanked from the donkey and questioned as to why he had decided to pleasure himself in a donkey. He confessed that since he had moved into the town in January, he had never had s_exual intercourse and how he missed the warmth of a va_gina dearly. “I heard black women have AIDS and there are no white women here”, Mark said, shocking everyone. The crowd started calling him names and he was chased away from the village.

The heartbroken donkey was seen following Mark as he drove off.

Source : LiveMonitor