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Mermaid found in Limpopo believed to be Dineo

A strange looking creature was washed ashore after heavy torrential rains caused by Cyclone Dineo in Limpopo over the past week. Villagers woke up to find the breathing creature just outside of the Limpopo River banks.

Footage of the creature have gone viral and it is believed government scientists converged on the scene and took it to an undisclosed location. A villager said  “I was going out to fetch my cattle in the morning after the rains and I saw this creature. It was breathing and looked very scary. I ran for dear life”.

The creature, which some locals say is a mermaid, has a very long tail, fins and human arms. Some locals also said the mermaid is actually Dineo. ” We have been praying to our ancestors that Dineo stops and they killed her. We are very happy about that,” said a villager.

Locals in the village are believed to have celebrated the death of Dineo by having a party to thank the ancestors.

A government official refused to comment on where the creature was taken to.

Source  LiveMonitor