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Meet the Soweto man who sleeps with 20 women a day

We recently caught up with Jabulani Luthuli, a self-acclaimed ladies king from Soweto.  For everyone else passing by from the street, his house is just like any other shack in the neighborhood. Get a little closer and observe for a short while, however, and you will see scores of ladies coming in and out of the one roomed shack (location withheld for his privacy). Check below our interview with the man

Q: So rumour has it that you are quite the ladies man around here, is that true? If so how do you do it?

A: I don’t know man, I guess I just love the warmth of a woman when I am inside her and it makes me go crazy and they (the ladies) love it when I give them what they want [he chuckles]. Sometimes I sleep with one woman and she enjoys it so much that she goes and tells her friends to come and experience my skills themselves. Also, naturally I am just gifted you know. I have a big d_ck and it does the job very well.

Q: So what type of women do you go for?

A: I don’t choose really, the women usually come to me on their own begging me to bless them with my pipe. Some even offer to suck my d_ck but I sometimes refuse because some of the women apha elokshini (here in the location) do not brush their teeth. Besides that my blessings are for all women. I have even offered my services to some rich married women from suburbs such as Sandton who just wanted to have a good time in Soweto.

Q: Wow, every man would want to be you right now. So tell us, how many women do you sleep with per day?

A: I don’t really count each and every day but I would say somewhere around twenty to thirty per day depending on how I am feeling. You must understand that I get so many requests from women that even I get tired so I try to keep the numbers very manageable.

Q: Are you not afraid of catching diseases or even making a lot of these women pregnant?

A: Not really, I always pick the healthiest looking of the lot so I have nothing to worry about really. Besides, I sometimes also like to think of myself as everyone’s daddy you know.  It makes me very happy to walk around the streets and just think that a lot of the kids running around could be mine.

Q: Thank you so much Jabu for allowing us to have this interview with you. Have a great day

A: Thank you, you too.