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N_aked man causes havoc in the freeway

Motorists on the N1 South had to do a “double take” when a na_ked man was spotted running down the highway on Friday.

It was reported that “medics chased the man down‚ saying that he carried nothing but a large e_rection”. EyeWitness News said the man had been taken into custody‚ quoting Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) spokesperson Wayne Minnaar as saying that the “na_ked man‚ who was reportedly running na_ked on the freeway wanting to commit suicide‚ has been captured”.

Minnaar also told EWN that he would be taken to hospital for mental evaluation.

Neolien‏@WordArtz was one of those who spotted the streaker‚ and took to Twitter: “@PigSpotter Na_ked man running along N1 S highway before Rivonia road and car on embankment. Not sure if related #doubletake”.

Some Twitter users got witty about the sighting‚ like The Fatal Moves Team ‏@FatalMoves‚ which tweeted: “NEWS FLASH? MT> @EWNTraffic: #JHBTraffic There is a na_ked man running on the N1 South just before Rivonia Road”.

Papantsongo ‏@TinyikoSAYS wanted more details‚ and asked: “Is he hung RT @EWNTraffic: #JHBTraffic There is a na_ked man running on the N1 South just before Rivonia Road”.

It wasn’t the first time the JMPD had to deal with reports of a na_ked man causing traffic in morning traffic.

In January‚ officers were dispatched after reports of sightings of the nude man walking through slow-moving traffic on the busy M1. At the time‚ Minnaar said he believed it could be a “mentally disturbed homeless man” that the JMPD had encountered previously. However‚ Minnaar said the man always managed to avoid being apprehended by officers.

That nak_ed man piqued curiosity in some and freaked out those in a rush to get to work.

It wasn’t clear if Phumla Mazibu ‏@stilbutterfly was offended or concerned for the man’s safety when she tweeted: “@CityofJoburgZA there is a na_ked man on the #M1 north before Carr str off ramp. Please inform police”.

Some seemed bummed about being held up on their early-morning commutes and questioned his sanity‚ but Agent Provocateur @De_Imperial was – despite getting the highway’s direction wrong – only full of praise: “Stark na_ked man on the M1 South. Birthday suit in the rain. Legend.”

Source : TimesLive