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Man burns girlfriend’s punani

HOMELESS people were shocked to see two of their fellows being set on fire under a bridge on Tuesday! The incident in Bloemfontein happened after a 24-year-old man caught his 19-year-old girlfriend having se_x with another homeless man (21).

The furious boyfriend allegedly went to buy petrol and poured it on the two before setting them alight. One of the homeless women told Daily Sun: “We were sleeping under the bridge just like any other day. Suddenly we heard a woman screaming and I was shocked to see two people in flames.

“This girl was sleeping with another man when her boyfriend caught them. He set them alight in the early hours of the morning. The woman jumped into a stream while the man who had been poking her ran away and put the fire out as well. I was shocked to see the woman’s punani was burned.”

Another homeless man (23) said the suspect was high on glue and was angry about his girlfriend being pregnant. “He asked the woman to have an abortion but she refused.

“The woman decided to dump him and get another man. The two were set alight by the jealous man.”

Police spokeswoman Constable Wendy Nkabi said four men stopped a patrolling police van and the victims were taken to hospital.

“The incident happened on First Avenue. The suspect was arrested.

“He will appear before the Bloemfontein Magistrates Court soon.”

Source : DailySun