Foods to avoid if you want to last long in bed

Are you a One Minute Man? Here are the 3 foods you should either abstain totally from or drastically reduce them

1. Sugar:

This is one food everyone is advised to stay off; as sweet as sugar is, the effect it has on the body could come with a high price no one wants to pay. Apart from rotting your teeth, sugar has a lot of adverse effects on a man’s waist line. So when you see that your performance in the bedroom is starting to fault, you may want to cut off those sweets and get the proper natural solution for a great s_ex life.

2. Wheat:

Eating wheat is the equivalent of injecting yourself with sugar. Your insulin is spiked, then it crashes. Wheat also contains gluten which causes many digestive disorders. Sluggish digestive system means a sluggish brain, which means loss of se_xual dexterity. Wheat is a common ingredient found in cereals, bread, sandwiches, muffins, bagels, biscuits, cakes, meat patties, processed meats and as a thickening agent.

3. Fried foods:

We all know deep fried foods are delicious, but the harm they cause in the body are not so interesting. If you are one of those men who want to eat fried yam, fried plantain, fried fish, fried this and fried that, all in one sitting, you may want to have a rethink for the sake of your sexual health.

High consumption of fried foods has been linked to many cases of erectile dysfunction, weak erection and impotence. Opt for healthier foods that are baked and cooked with less oil. If you are already suffering from the bad effects of one of these foods, then get the solution for weak erection and quick ejaculation HERE.

4. Too much alcohol consumption:

While alcohol may increase a man’s desire to have s_ex, it however does the exact opposite when it’s time to get down to business.

It is not unusual to experience difficulties performing in bed after a night of much drinking, so just imagine the long term effect constant consumption of alcohol would have on your sex life.

No one is saying men should stay completely clear off alcohol forever, but if you must drink, do so responsibly and in considerable amounts.

There you have it..if you must continue taking these foods, you should reduce the rate in which you take them hence they would kill your erection.


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