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Lady who leaked Maphatsoe’s pics identified

THIS old soldier was caught with his pants down.

And now Kebby Maphatsoe is left red-faced as a na_ked photo of him does the rounds.

Even his sacred tool was captured! The pic was taken by a woman, as she lay on a bed in a luxury hotel room. Many have asked who the woman was and after much investigations, LiveMonitor has established that the minister was with famous blessee, Amanda Cele.

A mole tipped us of this development and we contacted Amanda who was evasive at first but later gave in and confirmed that it is indeed her in the picture. Amanda even further went to claim that she has a video of the couple. “We met in Cape Town through a mutual friend and you know me mos, I love the finer things in life so we hit it off. He promised to give me R30 000 per month as long as I took care of his needs but he defaulted on the deal so I embarrassed him”, she said

The uMkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association leader lost an arm during the apartheid era, and has now lost his dignity to a girl with a cellphone. The leaked picture shows the one-armed warrior na_ked, revealing his middle-age flab as he strips for action. He appears to be looking at a cellphone on a desk. The only part of Amanda’s body that shows is her shapely, na_ked right thigh, in the foreground of the photo.

The background shows the mapona minister’s drooping umkhaba.

This man, who has never failed to defend JZ, was attending to “matters of national importance” with a much younger woman in a top Cape Town hotel.

So said a source from Luthuli House who asked not to be named.

This political mole alleged: “The picture started doing the rounds in political circles before it leaked to social media and nearly crushed it this week. I know I’m not the only person who received the pictures because I heard other comrades talking about it.”


Maphatsoe said he has decided not comment about the issue. When asked if it was him in the picture, he said he decided rather not to comment. When asked what he was going to do, he said: “I’m not vindictive.”

He was also quoted as saying he was going to take his family for counselling.

Source : DailySun