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Mzansi bonk king shares valuable tips

TWO-MINUTE noodles are all very well in the kitchen, but in the bedroom, it is never a good thing to come to the boil too fast.

Men are not trains. It is better to arrive at the station later rather than early.


“Men must first prepare their women ahead of the act,” Joseph told Daily Sun.
“They must not treat their women like a bicycle that you dump once you reach your destination.”

Joseph said he brought joy into many homes because men have learnt how to satisfy their women.
Joseph speaks to many men on a one-to-one basis or through his Facebook page, where he has more than a thousand followers.

“So many men don’t even know where to touch their women to satisfy them,” said Joseph.

“I’ve helped many people. They even come back to thank me.”

Joseph said when he had challenges because he didn’t know how to please his woman he started reading books and watching videos to get better at s_ex.

“Now my wife is very happy and I am teaching other men what I have learnt.”

He says not only men come to him.

“Women come to me because they want to keep their homes happy.

“I contact their partners and tell them what to do to keep their women satisfied.”

Daily Sun spoke to some of Joseph’s happy followers.

Vusi Mtombela said he’s a long distance driver and he used to get tired easily when he got home.

“I found Joseph on Facebook and contacted him. He warned me that I should drink less imbiza and drink more water,” said Vusi.

“He said what makes men fail in bed is because they don’t focus on making love. Their minds just drift to se_x, resulting in early eja_culation.”

A woman follower said she recommended Joseph to her husband after seeing him on Facebook.

“He contacted my husband and now I’m very happy.”

Joseph’s se_x tips:

Gently touching a woman’s bre_ast makes a woman feel very se_xy.
To avoid releasing early, men must not think about se_x but focus on something troubling them.
Men mustn’t always drive around in their cars. They must walk wherever they can, because sitting in a car for a long time can damage the kidneys, which results in poor performances in bed.
Men must stop thinking about themselves in bed and listen to their partners’ needs.
Men should stop taking s_ex enhancing substances and rather exercise and get fit.

Source : Dailysun