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Jesus spotted in Hillbrow

A man resembling biblical Jesus Christ on Wednesday was spotted walking barefooted in the downtown Hillbrow, South Africa.

The unidentified man with long beards, who was seen wearing what appeared to be a robe, alongside holding a walking stick, caused a huge stampede as people hassled to take selfies with him to post on social media.

@Ma3Route posted a tweet saying: “Again Jesus spotted at #JesusInHillbrow via @BhingyWilliez”

T-coin ‏ asked: “ke nnete? (could it be true?) #JesusInHillbrow”

Chito Ndhlovu said: “HAHAHA #JesusInHillbrow The Lord has returned….The Rapture has happened y’all didn’t listen to your pastors.”

This comes after another “Jesus” was spotted in Zambia in March 2015. He turned out to be an Italian tourist named Antonio Boretti.


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