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Invisible snake torments school kids

THE kids say an evil snake lurks at their school, but it is only visible to some of them.

The snake, which has been disrupting lessons since January, apparently only targets grade 3 pupils – and only the girls!

Their parents, teachers and pastors are at a loss to help them.

Grade 3 pupils of Motshana Primary School in Motshana Village near Praktiseer, outside Burgersfort, Limpopo, claimed that as soon as they entered the classroom, they would see a snake flicking its tongue.

It then stares them in the eyes, blinding them before they faint and collapse.

It takes the pupils over an hour to regain consciousness.

One of the parents said the invisible snake only attacked girls and that the fainting incidents were now happening almost every day.

After the latest incident on Monday, the entire grade 3 class was moved to another classroom.

One of the eight-year-old pupils told Daily Sun: “It scares me to see my classmates collapsing and start rolling on the floor like creatures.

“We don’t know what is happening. It’s terrifying because once the girls collapse our teacher starts to panic and screams for help,” he said.

SGB member France Mmala (61) said they had no idea what was happening.

“It is only the grade 3 girls who claim to see the snake.

“We called pastors to pray for them so that the mysterious reptile goes away, but they are still being terrorised.

“As parents, we don’t know what to do any more,” he said.

Letoboko Mohlala (40) said she removed her child from the school after she was also attacked by the invisible creature.

“It hurts to hear how my daughter would crawl and coil like a snake on the floor.

“It only happened to her when she was at school. I really believe the school is cursed,” she said.

Limpopo Department of Education spokesman Dr Naledzani Rasila said they were aware of the school’s situation.

“Whatever’s happening at the school is disturbing the kids’ education. We hope the community can do something about it,” he said.

Source : DailySun