Horror In Capetown as man murders wife during se_x after she screamed gardener’s name

Capetown:A man murdered his wife after she allegedly screamed their Gardner’s name during se_x.

Jason Mabula was engaging in the bedroom game with his wife Nothando when the height of pleasure the latter started screaming the gardner’s name.

This did not go down well with Jason who hit his wife on the head with a lamp.

Mabula came to his senses after realising what he had done and handed himself over to the Police.

A police mole who spoke to Live Monitor had this to say:

“According to the suspect,the two were having an intense session of se_x and whilst caught up in the moment,the now deceased starting shouting ‘Themba’ one too many times.This infuriated Jason who then struck Nothando on the head with their bedroom lamp leading to her death.”

“As we speak he is assisting us with the investigation,” he added.

Source-Live Monitor