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No more need for viagra, with these EIGHT foods you will make her SCREAM in BED!

Many families and relationship crumble because of poor s_ex. Many men are ashamed when they don’t last long during se_x.

Without rushing to the hospital for via_gra, there are natural viagra substitutes and remedies that one should try to maintain a standard and satisfactory se_x. These foods sold at nearest stalls can save you the pain of a heartbreak

Groundnuts, cashew nuts, pea nuts are important since they increase blood-flow to the se_xual organ. In men they increase erection period hence longer s3x duration.

They boost libi_do in both men and women. It is rich in zinc that increases testosterone hormone in both male and female.

It is almost everywhere, cheap and readily available. It is the common libi_do booster.

Rich in vitamin B6 and follic acid. Its good for both men and women. Avocado can be eaten with veggies, rice, or as a salad.


Found in all vegetable stalls garlic increases ere_ction duration in men and improves sensitivity to arousal in females. It contains allicin that improves se_xual sensitivity and pleasure. Include garlic in your diet today.


This vegetable is very cheap but it comes with numerous health benefits. It melts away more fats from the body, ensuring more se_xual stamina.

Dark Chocolate
Chocolate is not only romantic but also ‘love chemical’of sorts. Its good for women se_xual health. Research has indicated that women who take chocolate daily are very se_xually active.

These are called nature’s via_gra. Consumption of melons has been proved to improve blood circulation thereby increasing se_xual pleasure.