UCT student humiliated after her twerking video leaks on Social media

A First year UCT female student, name Lerato, is currently in a mess after one of her friends leaked a video of her twerking while nu_de on Twitter. Lerato’s story has been trending since yesterday after the video was leaked. The poor girl has deleted her Twitter account and according to tweets from her schoolmates, the school’s disciplinary committee are currently on her case while some are saying she has already been expelled.

Lerato had made the video in her room, with a friend Pamela Tsekane. But somehow, she was the only one na_ked. Pamela was in her clothes. Obviously, in the spirit of ‘the little crazy things we do in private’, Lerato and friends laughed over the video, Pamela deleted it but forgot to delete it from her recycle bin. Some other male UCT student saw it in her bin and decided to share it with the world.

Pamela has apologized for her mistake tho. But it’s already too late.

Source-Live Monitor