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Video:Satanist Woman Exposed In Church

There was pandemonium and chaos in a deliverance service when a woman who is believed to have been an agent of the devil challenged the preaching pastor.

Not only did she challenge the powers of the man of God verbally by her physical act of defiance but she had also brought a snake with her in the bag. She seemed unaffected by the preaching and singing that was going on in the church with her arms crossed and nose in the air.

When the pastor confronted her again it was when she showed signs of aggression. He demanded that she hand over her bag and she made a run for it only to be grabbed by the church ushers. She fled after breaking free but left her bag behind.

A snake slithered out of the bag and had worshippers running for their lives while the hissing creature slithered towards them.

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Source: Youtube