EFF member WAKES up from 2 year COMMA, commits suicide after learning Zuma is STILL President! – LiveMonitor

EFF member WAKES up from 2 year COMMA, commits suicide after learning Zuma is STILL President!

Sad reports hitting LiveMonitor desks from the North West Province are that a devout EFF supporter and member who miraculously woke up from a 2-year comma has committed suicide after learning that Jacob Zuma is still the president of South Africa.

Kagiso Motsamai had been in a coma since 2014 following a grisly road accident he suffered on the freeway as he was making his way back home from an EFF rally.

According to his doctors, Kagiso who was an engineer by profession, miraculously woke up and was optimistic about resuming his career until a sudden encounter with a visitor changed his perspective on life.

“After he was discharged, I accompanied him home and I thought it would be cool to show him my iPhone 7, so when I started playing around with the Livemonitor app, he saw a story about Zuma”, Keith, the deceased’s childhood friend told our reporters.

“He asked me if it was a joke and I told him that it wasn’t. I went out to buy us something to eat and when I returned an hour later, I found his body hanging from the ceiling”, narrated a visibly dejected Keith.

He told us that the deceased left a note besides his bed that read, “Although I admire humanity’s progress during my slumber, I simply cannot live in a world where Zuma is my President”.

Reached for a comment, EFF’s Secretary for the North West province, Betty Diale, had no kind words for their fallen comrade, openly calling him a coward. Diale said ” I know we are supposed to praise the dead and not pick on their shortfalls but this might set the wrong precedence! We do not support such selfishness in our party. If we all kill ourselves then who is going to vote Zuma out?. I hope no other EFF member is having such thoughts. EFF is for fighters and fighters stay until the fight is won”