Four crocodiles escape Johannesburg Zoo after floods – LiveMonitor

Four crocodiles escape Johannesburg Zoo after floods

The Johannesburg Zoo announced that 4 crocodiles have escaped animals following the collapse of its boundary wall in the flash floods on Wednesday.

“We would like to warn the public of the impending danger and everyone should practise caution,” Johannesburg City Parks spokesperson‚ Jenny Moodley said.

News of the escape was met with panic with motorists and pedestrians saying they are now scared to walk around as the crocodiles could be anywhere.

A search team was working around the clock to try and capture the crocodiles and return them to the zoo before they got angry, stressed and agitated. A condition which could lead them to attack humans.

Social media  was also awash with ‘crocodile sightings’ though none had been verified. The Zoo search team warned  members of the public to stop these fake sightings as it is delaying progress.

Source  : LiveMonitor