Reasons why online flirting is cheating

NOT sure if se_xting with your online hottie is cheating on your partner? Dorothy Black weighs in with the truth of the matter. Did you just have s_ex with someone else? Or was it just a wank with a computer screen?

As more research is done into how we respond to online interactions – one thing is becoming increasingly clear. We don’t differentiate between people we know in “real life” and computer people. Of course, if we’re playing outside the confines of a monogamous relationship, we try to find excuses for our online cheating.

“It was just se_xting! We never actually met!” People have lost their jobs over a tweet, because we understand real-life intentions behind a text all too well.

So, why would we consider cybers_ex, in any of its forms, any differently? Are you investing your intimacies with someone other than your partner – and do you hide this interaction from your significant other? Did you answer yes to both these questions? Well, it’s time to wake up, buttercup!

Unless your boo happens to be a voyeur – and sits in that room with you, or both of you have an open relationship, there’s one possible answer . . . Your cyberse_x fling is cheating!

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