Cassper offers R100 000 to have spend one night with Minnie Dlamini

Despite being friendzoned by Minnie Dlamini countless times, Cassper Nyovest has made one desperate and unexpected offer to ‘bag’ his ‘love’: R100 000 for the opportunity to spend one night with her.

The rapper made the controversial offer yesterday, during a press conference.

Cassper, who has an estimated wealth of more than a 5 million rands, offered to pay Minnie R100k to spend one night with her.

“I have no interest whatsoever in what the public says,” he told reporters, “but Minnie, she is a treasure of inestimable value. I would gladly pay R100 000 or even more to spend one night with her.”

Minnie had not reacted to the offer yet, but it has already provoked violent reactions from various feminist organizations.

In an interview with LiveMonitor, the spokeswoman for the Women’s Liberation Action Network, Jane Austin, called the offer “an insult to women across the country”, saying that it shows how women are still treated as objects is certain parts of the world.

The National Organization for Women even called for a protest, which is to take place in front of the Orlando Stadium on 29 October where Cassper will be having his concert.

Source : LiveMonitor