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Gay couple caught bo_nking at the beach

A gay couple who could not contain their hormones ended up have full blown interc_ourse at the beach front in Cape Town over the festive season.

Video of the incident, which has only surfaced now, shows the two males embracing and kissing before having a blow j_ob and ultimately ends with wild s_ex. Other beach goers could only watch in disgust and shock as the two went about their passionate business.

One lady who witnessed the incident said she could not believe her eyes. “I have nothing against ga_y people but this is just disgusting and pathetic,” she said. Another man from Netherlands said,, “This is my first time in Africa and I was told that it is a warm place. I did not know people just have s_ex like this and it’s 2pm. I will not be coming back to this Sodom and Gomorrah again”

The couple is said to have been stopped in their action by Beach Patrol Security and were last seen being taken away in a police vehicle to probably be charged with public indecency.

The identity of the two men could not be ascertained but rumor suggest one of them is Zimbabwean

Source : LiveMonitor