Leaked: Audi DIDN’T give Semenya a car because she is black and ‘lesbian’! – LiveMonitor

Leaked: Audi DIDN’T give Semenya a car because she is black and ‘lesbian’!

Automaker, Audi has reasons why it presented Van Niekerk with a sports car but did not extend the same courtesy to fellow gold medallist Semenya in a rumoured leaked memo passed to Livemonitor reporters.

And the reasons are just plain ugly.

Wayde van Niekerk’s return home on Wednesday sparked yet another debate on Twitter. On arrival, the gold medallist was handed keys to a new Audi R8 sports car as part of his sponsorship deal after his Olympic win.

Van Niekerk and fellow Olympian Caster Semenya made South Africa proud when they bagged gold medals at the Rio Olympics last month. Van Niekerk received R150 000 in addition to the R500 000 he got for his gold medal, while Semenya received an additional R100 000 to the R400 000.

As words of congratulations for the Audi flooded his Twitter timeline, one fan asked Van Niekerk where Semenya’s car was.

He responded to the fan: “I love and respect Caster Semenya, so let’s not compare our blessings. And use our talents to inspire each other,” adding he would just love us all to get along and be a unit “for once”.

Semenya charged to victory in the women’s 800m final at the Rio Olympics, securing the title in 1:55.28 to break her own national record by 0.05. On Thursday last week, she won the overall season title in the women’s 800m event at the Diamond League series final in Zurich, becoming the second SA athlete to win the League race in any contest.

She pocketed R1.3 million in prize money in the top-flight campaign, including $40 000 (R590 000) for the overall series victory.

With all the prize money the Olympians received, tweeps are asking why it seems as if Semenya has received less than what Van Niekerk got. Radio personality Anele Mdoda also took to Twitter on Friday morning to ask Audi where Semenya’s car was.


But the real reason according to a rumoured leaked memo is Semenya got entangled with racists and chauvinists. Apparently the top brass at Audi suspect that Semenya is lesbian and the fact that she is black makes them sick.

“You know how it is in this country, they preach the rainbow concept, but these white guys despise everything black. I suspect these are the reasons why they snubbed her. ” lamented a mole stationed at Audi






  • GZD

    The Old world principles still exist today. Its not everyone who is on your side, Its still a dog eat dog world. and you know in places like SA whites (the rich and powerful) still rule and blacks are still blacks and have no money and think this is a fair world and you know IT AINT SO WHAT? if caster aint complaining for ALL THAT SHE GOT then why shud we become TOP CHAMPION AND ADVOCATOR INSTEAD OF BENEFACTOR. you peeps forget that the biggest difference between whites and blacks is they band together and support each other beyond the call of duty, banner or family. Whites are as real as it gets. Niekerk has much love from his peeps and maybe thats why they got the money in and all that and we as blacks just didn’t step up to ensure that our girl got more publicly than Niekerk. Now when the story gets released we concentrate on the politics of what Audi did and did not do. We are just so petty! Its not them who will make us great ITS OURSELVES. Stop thinking that the rainbow will do better. You are the rainbow!

  • Cornelius Vitore

    is this casper a man or woman?