Sangoma trampled to death whilst ma_sturbating hippo for se_men to make powerful love juju,assistant cheats death by whisker

Limpopo-A Sangoma met his untimely death yesterday whilst trying to extract hippo se_men for medicine.Zenzile Nkutha lost his life after the sleeping hippo he was ma_sturbating woke up and went on a rampage.

The incident happened in Kololo Game reserve where the sangoma and his assistant had gone to gather hippo se_men believed to make powerful love potions.

His assistant Lungisani Kholumo managed to escape but not before he was captured by tourists who saw him fleeing from the angry hippo.

“We were enjoying the scenery and I saw a man screaming for dear life with a hippo in hot pursuit,”said one of the tourists who shared with Live Monitor the video.”

He added:

“The man survived after he climbed a tree and Park rangers responded swiftly and shot the animal with a tranquilizer dart.”

Asked on why they had decided to undertake such a dangerous venture,Lungisani said Hippo se_men was a powerful ingredient in making love muthi.

“Sangoma Nkutha was known throughout Mzansi for his skills,Once you visited him your problems would be over as he always prescribed the right medicine.”

” What made him a household name was his love muthi which never failed,women would throng his shrine seeking the powerful potion which made men stay faithful to the grave.”

“The secret ingredient was hippo se_men which we would come here and collect every month.We had collected from over 10 and this was the last one.”

“However the ancestors abandoned us as the sleeping herbs we use to sedate the hippos failed to work resulting in the beast waking up whilst Zenzile was still working on it.”

“He didn’t have a fighting chance,he was trampled to death immediately,” said a tearful Lungisani who was struggling to talk as our crew interviewed him.”

Another Sangoma who spoke on condition of anonymity said Love muthi made with hippo se_men was very potent.The victim would lose all se_xual desire except for woman who drugged him and even after she was dead,the spell would still be at work.

“Even if a na_ked woman where to stand here,and you have been doused by that muthi you will walk away,” he laughed.

Source-Live Monitor