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Must Read Ladies: 5 Ways To Prevent Your Bo_obs From SAGGING

Though saggy bo_obs usually start happening after a woman reaches 40. Apart from age, other factors that cause sagging include bre_astfeeding, pregnancy, menopause, rapid weight loss or gain, strenuous exercise, nutritional deficiencies and wearing a poorly fitting br_a

Some diseases like bre_ast cancer or respiratory conditions like tuberculosis can also cause them to sag. Also, excessive consumption of nicotine, alcohol and carbonated beverages can contribute to the problem.

A wide variety of creams and lotions are available on the market to tighten and tone up sagging bo_obs. However, if you prefer natural methods, to keep them from sagging, then you’re on the right spot!.

#1:. Wear a br_a that suits your size

If you want to wear a br_a, it’s very important to make sure it fits correctly.

#2:. Always Wear a Br_a when you Exercise.

Doing exercises that cause your bo_obs to bounce up and down, like kickboxing or running, can cause the ligaments to stretch. So, Its advisable to keep wearing your br_a when you’re Exercising.

#3:. Stop smoking.

The skin on your chest is delicate, and it’s similar to the skin on your face. It’s easily impacted by chemicals in cigarettes that lead to the breakdown of collagen and elastin, which give skin its youthful look and texture. When your skin loses elasticity, it will start to sag. Eliminate the habit of Smoking, to keep your bo_obs looking younger and firm.

#4:. Protect your clea_vage from the sun.

Ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause wrinkling and sagging in the bo_obsarea. The top of a person’s chest often gets extra sun exposure, due to the way many shirts and dresses are cut. The fragile skin there is more likely to get burned more often than other parts of the body. Use the same level of care to protect the skin on your bo_obd from sun damage as you would to protect the skin on your face. Also, avoid laying out in the sun

#5:. Eat estrogen rich foods.

One of the main hormones in women, and is known to contribute to bo_ob growth and firmness. Foods rich in oestrogen include dried fruits like apricots, prunes, dates. Also include beans, peas and sesame seeds.

There are changes you can make now to keep your bo_obs firm as long as possible. Every woman wants to have perfectly shaped bo_obs throughout her life.