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10 Fake Foods From China You Probably Didn’t Know Are Not Real

We know most of you by now know all about the plastic rice from China but that’s not the only fake food being imported into the country these days.
Here are 10 fake foods from China you probably didn’t know and how to detect them.

1. Fake Eggs


You might not know this but there are fake eggs in the country, they are cheaper, bigger and so good to be true. The eggs are actually man-made and fowls know nothing about it. The egg white is prepared by making an egg mould from chemicals which make it coagulant. Then comes the egg yoke which is made from pigments and raisins and when the desired shape is achieved. How to detect fake egg: It is very smooth and the moment you crack it open, the yoke quickly mixes with the egg white.

2. Walnuts

They mould cement, crack open walnuts and put it in it and seal it with glue. It is easy detecting this if you crack it open.

3. Beef

In China, pork meat is very cheap than beef and so they replace pork meat with beef by injecting chemicals into it to make it look like beef. This is exported into the country and sold at supermarkets as beef.

How to detect fake beef: Fake beef quickly shrinks when it gets close to fire or when you try frying it.

4. Black and White Pepper

They use a type of flower and mud to manufacture white and black pepper and sell them to innocent hotel operators

5. Honey

Fake honey from China is prepared with beetroot and sweet syrup. Most countries aware of this, have banned but some is still being sneaked into the country.
How to detect fake honey: They are extremely light and taste too sweet and do not have any sour taste like natural honey does.

6. Plastic Rice

You should probably be aware of this by now. There is much plastic rice in the country and this Christmas, you need to be careful when buying rice. The fake rice is made from potato and a thin plastic and later sprayed with some kind of perfume to make it smell like natural rice.

How to detect fake rice: Light up the rice, if it catches fire, then you know it is fake. Another way is by pounding it in a mortar, if it doesn’t leave a white powder behind, then it is fake.

7. Rat Mutton

There is a well-packaged mutton in stores these days but what many do not know is that, although the label says mutton, it is actually rat meat well sliced and packaged as mutton.
How to detect fake mutton: Don’t buy mutton from stores, buy them from the market where you can see that it’s indeed what it is.

8. Fake Wine

Need we tell you more? They fill expensive wine bottles with syrup mixed with other chemicals and they are sold slightly cheaper than the real one. Some are filled with cheaper wines.

9. Cupboard Buns

You remember the nursery rhyme, “hot cross buns”? well, it seems the Chinese are changing it because it is no more hot cross buns but cold cupboard buns. They are actually preparing buns with cupboards and serving it to innocent customers, so you need to be careful what you order on the menu in a Chinese restaurant

10. Coca-Cola

Sugar mixed with other chemicals to make it taste like Coca-cola is what is being shipped into the country these days and so you need to be careful with all these new Coca-cola brands. Buy from accredited shops.